One-on-one coaching

You helped my confidence shine, especially in front of a large crowd. I have had 3 speaking opportunities, one for a TV show. I have used your techniques every single time. I cannot tell you how valuable your sessions were.  

 Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez, owner of Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

Can you count on your voice when you need it? One-on-one coaching builds confidence for public speaking in daily life and must-shine moments like speeches, pitches and public speaking events. More than that, our work together will help you harness your own personal power, learn how to wield it and express it through your voice, and bring joy to the act of speaking.

  • Workshop your material and learn how to make the words sing
  • Discover your own authentic speaking style
  • Learn how to fully inhabit your own power
  • Identify and discard old habits of thought holding you back
  • Master the qualities of top-notch communicators
  • Find your confidence speaking in front of an audience
  • Deepen your knowledge of your voice as a reflection of who you are
  • Learn techniques to work with the voice and uncover its power and potential
  • Explore emotional issues related to the voice in a safe, compassionate setting
  • Learn how to use your voice for maximum impact
  • Develop strategies for building confidence that work for you
  • Get to know your full dynamic range and learn how to use it
  • Learn about your voice’s ideal range for healthy voice production