Professional Development 

I work one on one with groups and individuals over weeks or months to help prepare their voices and stories for presentation.  We meet project-based or professional development goals with a mix of voice exercises, practice and critique, and a customized plan using a data-based approach.


My workshops are targeted to the needs of your business or organization.  Teams and groups learn how to accommodate each other’s voices, understand different communication styles and recognize the strength that comes from a diversity of perspectives and approaches.  Every group learns the basics of effecitve communication, the fundamentals of healthy voice production, and what the latest research says about voices in the workplace.

Veronica coached me for my TEDx talk. She has two awesome skill sets rolled into one amazing person: she’s a classically trained opera singer, so she understands the technical and physical aspects of the voice. For example, she taught me how to stop swallowing my R’s by shaping my mouth differently (I didn’t even know I swallowed my R’s until she made me listen to myself!). And, as a Peabody award winner, Veronica knows how to craft a great story. Because of her, I stood on that red dot with confidence, poise, and pronounced all of my Rs!

– Rebecca Ryan, owner, Next Generation Consulting