“I was amazed by the voice I found and was surprised to learn that I
had not been allowing my voice to live in the place it felt happiest.
I continue to work with the tools and exercises Veronica shared.
Veronica has a sense of ease and a gift for creating a space that is safe,
supportive and encouraging.
” – K.K.

 SPEAKING WHILE FEMALE – Virtual workshops coming soon

New research shows that women spend less time speaking on the job than their male counterparts and speak less in decision-making capacities. In this workshop, tap into the strength of your authentic voice, explore emotional issues that get bundled into the act of speaking, practice body postures that encourage confidence, learn basic tools for working with the breath and how to use your voice as a means of self-expression. Practice strategies for holding your ground in high-pressure situations and the skill of interrupting. Group discussion, individual recommendations, and intense voice work give you the skills to own your voice and bring joy to the act of speaking.