Veronica Rueckert is a Peabody Award-winning communications specialist. She was the host of  Wisconsin Public Radio‘s statewide news magazine Central Time and hosted the statewide call in program, The Veronica Rueckert Show. Earlier, she worked as a senior producer and contributor on the national program To the Best of Our Knowledge distributed by Public Radio International. Her essays have aired to a national audience via NPR and PRI.  Currently, she conducts media training and national media outreach at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Veronica holds a degree in vocal performance and specializes in teaching people how to work with their speaking voice as an instrument of self-expression and uncover its innate potential, persuasive power and inherent strength. She has particular interest in helping women tap into the full power of their speaking voice and begin to use it with greater confidence and enjoyment.

For public presenters, Veronica helps executives, TED speakers, authors and academics from people all walks of life pinpoint the heart of their message and convey it through the medium of storytelling.  Her work with all of them shares a common language: narrative arc, structure, authenticity, dynamic range, and confidence.