“Veronica coached me for my TEDx talk. And because of her, I stood on that red dot with confidence, poise, and pronounced all of my Rs!” [Read More]
– Rebecca Ryan, owner, Next Generation Consulting

Can you count on your voice when you need it? Individual coaching builds your confidence for public speaking in daily life and must-shine moments like speeches, pitches and public speaking events.

  • Workshop your material and learn how to make the words sing
  • Master the five key qualities of top-notch communicators
  • Find your confidence speaking in front of an audience
  • Deepen your knowledge of your voice as a reflection of who you are
  • Learn techniques to work with the voice and uncover its power and potential
  • Explore emotional issues related to the voice in a safe, compassionate setting
  • Learn how to use your voice for maximum impact
  • Develop strategies for building confidence that work for you
  • Identify tension and unhealthy habits and learn how to break them
  • Get to know your full dynamic range and learn how to use it

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