I have been enjoying all the positive remarks on my speaking, all because of you.   You helped my confidence shine, especially in front of a large crowd. I have had 3 speaking opportunities, one for a TV show. I have used your techniques every single time. I can not tell you how valuable your sessions were.  Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez, owner of Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

I cannot tell you how many compliments I received after your presentation, Veronica.  You were a huge hit!  Joanne Bernardi, Women’s Business Resource Group, American Family Insurance

Veronica coached me for my TEDx talk. She has two awesome skill sets rolled into one amazing person: she’s a classically trained opera singer, so she understands the technical and physical aspects of the voice. For example, she taught me how to stop swallowing my R’s by shaping my mouth differently (I didn’t even know I swallowed my R’s until she made me listen to myself!). And, as a Peabody award winner, Veronica knows how to craft a great story.  Rebecca Ryan, owner of Next Generation Consulting

With her voice, with her silences, with her relaxed but intently curious way of interacting, Veronica brought more stories out of me, and more meaning, than I thought was possible. She affirmed the value of a rich vein of material I’ve been exploring for years and gave me confidence that I have something to contribute to our public discourse.  Gordon Greene, Spring Green Dojo

Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very validated.  You have a gift for giving gentle, helpful and honest feedback that is actionable.  Suzanne Jones, Alliant Energy

As a singer and a voice actress, I especially appreciated Veronica’s knowledge regarding posture, breathing, and projection.  The workshop had a very comfortable and warm, welcoming atmosphere, and Veronica has much knowledge to share from her experiences as a host on Wisconsin Public Radio and an opera singer.  I highly recommend her workshop!  Courtney Collins, Blame Society Productions